Male Yeast Infection Symptoms: Diagnosis And Treatment

Candida especially likes to grow under moist, warm conditions. It can be found growing in the vagina, foreskin of the penis, and in skin folds. Normally the body keeps the level of yeast under control. In men, this can be in the region of the scrotum and spread entirely around the penis head. The itch might easily seem to be a dry and flaky rash which seems to worsen over time. A very common problem that will coincide with this type of disorder will be cravings of any foods that are high in carbohydrates and sugars. A high sugar intake can also result in an overgrowth of Candida albicans. Excessive stress is another one of the relatively unknown yeast infection causes. Our bodies produce chemicals that reduce the strength of our immune system when we are experiencing stress.

There are many different ways of treating a yeast infection. Most prescription medications work decreasing the growing number of yeast. This type of treatment works on the symptoms of the yeast infection, not the cause. They overgrow and the result is what we call a yeast infection. Symptoms of a yeast infection include itching and burning. Friction as a result of wearing tight-fitting clothing can also cause skin damage. But, the Candida albicans can become resistant to the drugs. And they tend to address the symptoms rather than the root cause and underlying conditions. So many sufferers find that they suffer recurring yeast infections that can upset their day to day lives and relationships This is why so many men with yeast infection (and women) are now turning to natural remedies.

Fungi are different from bacteria. They are more like a plant, so they need oxygen and moisture to survive. This fungus also survives by secreting an enzyme that breaks down the host that it is living on and absorbs them as nutrients. And since it’s possible to have an infection without any symptoms (at least for some time) the treatment is being delayed, making it harder to eradicate, and, you can unknowingly transfer the infection to your sexual partner. This is one of the worst aspects of male Candida. Mainstream treatment for male yeast infection is usually prescribed or over-the-counter topical creams etc. Sugar is also one of the relatively unknown yeast infection causes.

I use both terms here. So what causes this ‘overgrow’? This is why yeast infection is also known as Candida. There are many types of yeast but the one most frequently causing yeast infections is the species Candida. When it overgrows it can cause a vaginal infection but it also can cause a mouth infection as well. When this breaks-down though, the fungus can overgrow and spread. It is this that causes the symptoms of yeast infection in men and women. Male yeast infection can occur in any almost any part of the body, not just your penis. We started out with the doctor and the medications he prescribed. Some of the medicine he prescribed gave some relief but we never could get rid of it and it kept rearing its ugly head.

Our hormones can cause us yeast infections. If it didn’t work we wouldn’t be out any money and we would know pretty quick if it was going to work. So we got the informational product and it did just what it said it would do. We were very happy so we celebrated. The meat that we eat also exposes us to antibiotics. It is a fact that farm animals are administered with antibiotics regularly to prevent and treat their infections. People who are diabetic and often have high or uncontrolled blood sugars are also prone to yeast infections. Yeast Infection In Men – Male Yeast Infection Causes, Symptoms And Treatment The symptoms of yeast infection in men don’t always appear early, so it can be passed unwittingly during sex.